Health resources and toolkits

Learn, educate and share: health resources and toolkits for you, your family and your community

To promote informed self-care when it comes to medicine use, the following tools and toolkits were developed by NCPIE and are now part of the BeMedWise Program at NeedyMeds. Our toolkits and informational resources always provide actionable health tips and specific questions to address with healthcare providers.

See our educational toolkits and resources for:

  1. For all medicine takers and anyone striving to become more informed about their medicines and their health
  2. For parents, community leaders and health educators 
  3. For tweens, teens and young adults 
  4. For older adults 
  5. For caregivers 
  6. Educational toolkits—all audience
  7. For anyone who wants information about their diagnosis to better understand their medicine